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The Faces Behind VeesFactory 


     The Idea of VeesFactory was a fulfilled dream of mine .I have always wanted to have something on my own, something that I treasure and love, and something that from a hobby will turn in to a full time job. Here it is my DREAM - VeesFactory. The journey was long and I will always remember the beginning of my business. Every second spent, every tear, smile, joy, fail, success, hard job, time and desire, was worth in the end. But of course, I wouldn't be here today if I didn't have the support of my family, guiding me, advices me and working along with me that whole time.




      VeesFactory is more then just a regular online shop, it is a story, it is happiness, it is unique and special. Each one of our handmade products is created with love and care, we have developed our recipes, so they can be suitable and the best possible for our customers. We use bio and natural ingredients for all of our bath and body products and that is one of the reasons why we are so unique and we stand out among the others , as we rely on Quality rather then Quantity. I will say "WE" this time, me and my Family, we all have invested in VeesFactory and we all made a step ahead, so today we can call ourselves the owners of VeesFactory. 


Velena Ivanova
Owner of VeesFactory

The smallest member of our Family 


We've moved in to UK 6 years ago and England became our second home. We are now located in a small town up North. The best thing here is the nature, the always green trees and the fresh air. That is where the name of our "Evergreen Bath  Bombs " came from. 
That is a small part of our story, we will be sharing more with you in the future. 

The Team of


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About Us: About Us
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